Priyanka Chopra Alphabet - W → World Record - first actress in cinema history to portray 12 distinct characters in one film

Aries | Anjali Patel - Anjali, a dorky small-town girl.
Aquarius | Sanjana Shah - Sanjana, an attractive and successful microbiologist.
Gemini | Kajal Khakhar - Kajal, a fashionable and romantic college girl.
Cancer | Hansa Parekh - Hansa, an honest, dedicated and educated girl.
Libra | Rajni Parmar - Rajni, a successful and ruthless business tycoon.
Pisces | Chandrika Jamnadas - Chandrika, a traditional naive girl.
Leo | Mallika Desai - Mallika, a successful performer, works for an NGO.
Scorpio | Nandini Jassani - Nandini, an ambitious girl who has big dreams.
Virgo | Pooja Goradia - Pooja, a dedicated doctor who works to help villagers.
Taurus | Vishakha Zaveri - Vishakha, the daughter of a rich industrialist.
Sagittarius | Bhavna Shukla - Bhavna, a religious and superstitious girl.
Capricorn | Jhankhana - Jhankhna, a 15-year-old village girl.

"Boy, what a lady! Priyanka Chopra transforms into 12 new skins with astonishing distinction, voice and spirit. The actress reinvents herself into this unique individual every single time ranging from batty, bashful and boisterous. This is simply her show."

"What’s Your Raashee? belongs to Priyanka Chopra. No two opinions on that. Words would fail to do justice to the remarkable portrayal of twelve different characters by this actor. This is her finest work to date."

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