All I want in my life is to have football player as my boyfriend and for his team mates to be my best friends 😢

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'Wahan jaakey third citizen ki tarah zindagi guzaar logey, magar apne mulk mein izzat ki zindagi nahin guzaar saktey!'

Jackson Heights, airing from September 19th (on Urdu1)

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So you think Fawad Khan is not hot? Think again.

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there needs to be more movies like bangalore days

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Bangalore Days + Tumblr Blogs

 featuring the cousins and their counterparts

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The Art of Indianism

I was skimming through a few of my mother’s old cotton sarees recently, pieces she’s picked up from different parts of the country over a span of almost 20 years.

I was excitedly gushing over how pretty and unique they were, and that was when it struck me that we hardly see girls/women our generation in these gorgeous traditional ensembles anymore.

We’ve been so strongly influenced by the Zara, Forever21, Mango, etc wave that’s hit our country, that we’ve almost lost our own ethnic style somewhere in that chaos.

I’m not a fashion extremist. I personally love these brands that I just mentioned. But I also love the gorgeous traditional styles we’ve had around us for centuries. So many colours, such vibrant gorgeous prints, and breathtaking jewellery!

I immediately feverishly started googling Indian fashion blogs to see if there were bloggers who’d made an attempt to incorporate any ethnic elements into the looks they blog about. Unfortunately, I found no one.

The Scarlet Window, was hence conceived out of an eager desire to revive our native styles, and fuse it with the new-age trends to created wearable, contemporary Indian looks.

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This is hilarious. Sanga and Mahela very discretely trying to explain what the Sri Lankans were chirping at Joe Root during the 2nd Eng vs SL test match at Leeds, which Sri Lanka went on to win. Randomest video Ellen Degeneres gets namedropped, probably.

Highlights (i’m mostly paraphrasing for anyone who doesn’t understand sinhalese)


'I don't really want to mention some of the words exchanged on that day in front of this audience. (laughs) I mean you might think the stuff we talk about on the field is properly planned out, but not really. sometimes we'll be talking about what we're gonna have for dinner, (cue mahela finding this hilarious) our plans for the evening, when we're going home, what did we do yesterday etc. Sometimes there are points in the game where that's all you talk about. Still when you're playing an opposition at certain instances harsh words are exchanged.'

'words involving one's mother and father and ancestry did get exchanged a lot. It's been directed at us and we've directed such words at others. So I think such instances aren't very good, but sometimes it helps to fire up/jumpstart the game. Joe Root I think said such things not just to Angelo Mathews but also to us, and it's stuff you don't forget, not for another 10 years. So they're words we'll be keeping in mind for a while, and you get reminded of it when you win. Not saying it's a good thing. But it's the reality of it.'


'i can say this. it's hard to repeat what joe root told angelo mathews. But as for what we told him…So when he was batting on the 4th day…They hadn't said much to the seniors but had directed words at our younger lads. The lads were talking about how we needed to chirp a bit at him (…) Chandimal was going off like a parrot. A friend had sent me something about how Joe Root and Ellen Degeneres look similar. So on the field I mentioned this to a few of the guys on the last day, and first of all, it became an issue because the young guys kept on asking me who Ellen was. I googled and showed them and after that they kept on calling him 'ellen, ellen' on the field and then his face got red, because i guess he was used to people in the UK making this joke at him, and after a while he got out. But well, we did joke around and chirp at a few of the others, and sometimes we weren't really able to get them out.'

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Ranveer and Deepika at ‘Finding Fanny’ Success Bash.

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I’ve recently decided to freeze myself to -273℃. My friends think I’ll die, but I’ll be 0K.

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panic/anxiety attack 



  • breath in for 4 seconds
  • hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • exhale breath for 8 seconds

repeat once or twice more.

This causes an autonomic nervous system shift from a sympathetic (fight or flight reaction) state to a parasympathetic response.

Use this for panic/anxiety attacks, exams, presentations.

Never not reblog

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@priyankachopra The PeeCee n Nushki “CATFIGHT” !! ..For those who believe everything!! #GetOverIt @AnushkaSharma

The PeeCee n Nushki “CATFIGHT” !! ..For those who believe everything!!

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Arjun Kapoor

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